Sunday afternoon April 9th at 1:23pm the station was dispatched for a woods fire at 746 Salter Road.  Rescue 45 w/4, LT. Jonathan Burnett was in the district checking new hydrants quickly made the response along with Command 45 w/ Captain Craig Snyder followed closely by Brush 45 w/4, Deputy Chief Alex Carrow and Engine 45-4 w/7, LT. Jack Davis.  Rescue 45 and Command 45 arrived together and found a woods fire spreading rapidly that was threating an unoccupied mobile home.  The crew from Rescue 45 placed a hand line in service.  Brush 45 arrived and was assigned the north end of the fire while Engine 45-4 was assigned to supply Rescue 45 and place an additional line in service.  Crews found where the fire had extended to the underneath of the mobile home, but were able to quickly extinguish it without any major damage.   Command requested an additional engine from the station for water supply, Engine 45-3 w/6, Firefighter Sarah Skinner made the response.  Crews were able to contain the fire in about 30 minutes and remained on scene for about an hour to overhaul.  Captain Snyder had the command.  Clayton had 29 members respond to the call.  Units responding; Command 45, Brush 45, Engines 45-3, 45-4, Rescue 45, Sta. 45 Fire Police. Photos Kevin Wilson Past Chief.

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