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The organizational meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Clayton Fire Company, No. 1, Inc. was held March 13, 1959 at the Clayton Public School. Mrs. Herbert Butts, Kent County President and Mrs. Ruth Leager, President of Smyrna Fire Company Auxiliary were both present to explain the procedures of forming an auxiliary. At the meeting, Mrs. Jerri Hurlock was elected our first President. Mrs. Ethel Donaway, Mrs. Ann Dickerson, and Mrs. Julia Mast were elected to meet with Mrs. Hurlock and write our first constitution and by-laws.

By our second meeting on April 6, 1959, there were fifty-four charter members on roll. At this meeting, the various committees were appointed including a canteen committee to serve coffee and sandwiches to the firemen at fires.

Our first fund raising project was a fashion show which showed a profit of $175.85. The ladies then decided to run the concession stand at the Pony League games. Items to be sold included hot dogs, cokes, peanuts, chewing gum, potato chips, etc. We showed a profit from this project of $319.99. By this time, we had made enough money to repay the firemen the $100.00 they loaned us to help us get started. It was decided to raffle a gift at each meeting to earn money to be used as sunshine money. Our sunshine work to include sending cards to anyone sick in the community. Flowers and cards to be sent to members in case of death in the family. The next fund raising project to be a bake sale on September 12, 1959. This brought us in another $268.71. At the September meeting, it was decided we would sponsor the Kenton-Clayton Girl Scouts Troop N. 211. By this meeting, we were thinking of buying equipment for our kitchen. A committee was appointed to undertake the job of deciding what we needed and to get prices so we could give the firemen a figure. The came to $2,828.00. We also decided to have a kitchen shower to help furnish our kitchen with towels, etc. The November meeting brought us visitors from the Lions Club, who wished for us to serve them their dinner at each meeting. It was decided to serve them. The first one to be January 6, 1960. On December 26, 1959, we held our first Christmas Party with the firemen. We also donated $50.00 to the firemen to help with the Children’s Christmas Party.

As our installation of officers at the firehall on May 2, 1960, we presented our first annual cash donation to the firemen in the amount of $500.00. Since our first fund raising project, a fashion show, our auxiliary has undertaken quite a variety of fund raising projects. These include 50-50 clubs, dances, Tom Thumb Wedding, selling cookies, candy, vanilla, serving banquets, and bakes. Beginning in 1963 through 1967, we had the hot dog booth at the Smyrna-Clayton 4th of July Celebration. We served the Lions Club dinners from 1960 to 1969. After moving to the new firehall in May 1968, we were able to serve larger banquets and wedding receptions as well as serving the firemen their annual appreciation dinner. We have made cash donations to many community projects as well as presenting a floral wreath to the Community Memorial Service held each May. During fires, whenever called upon, our canteen committee furnishes sandwiches and coffee or sodas to our firemen.

In February 1973, we formed a Jr. Auxiliary. This being girls in the age group 16-18 years. These girls can attend any meeting of the auxiliary; but have no voting power. They are called upon to help the auxiliary with the various functions.

From 1959 with a membership of fifty-four, the Clayton Ladies Auxiliary has grown to seventy members and one junior member on the rolls. Of these, 35 are lifetime members. Over the last twenty-four years, we have given the firemen donations of money, equipment, tables, chairs, and our support. We have also given them a bronze plaque mounted on the front of the firehall to remember our loved ones that have gone on before us. The Clayton Ladies Auxiliary is always ready to help and serve our firemen whenever we are needed.