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The Clayton Fire Company is a 100% volunteer fire company, meaning we do not get paid for responding to emergency calls. The company relies on the citizens of our community to support and maintain the services we provide. The members of the company are also asked to help raise funds to support the company and keep the company functioning. It takes alot of time to be a member but it is very rewarding. Most state the fire service is like having a second family. The Clayton Fire Company offers 4 types of membership; a explorer (ages 13-14), a cadet/Junior Member (ages 15-18), a regular Member (ages 18 and up), and a Associate Member (ages 21 and up). The explorer program gives the youth a taste of what it is like to be a firefighter. Explorers an not allowed to respond to calls but can watch and sometimes take part in training exercises. The cadet/junior member can begin to respond to calls and begins their training process. The regular member is a full fledged member responds to calls and training. The Associate Member is for those who do not want to respond to calls but would like to help in other ways like fund raising. We appreciate your interest and if you would like more information please contact us at the firehouse at 302-653-7317.

To apply, please complete the application found on the DOWNLOADS page.